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Ifat Yairi Levy graduated from the Visual Communication Department at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) in 2006.

Ifat began her career working with Israel's major fashion houses, and in 2008, she opened her own studio. At the same time, she also worked as a lecturer in Graphic Design and Illustration at HIT.

Today, the studio specializes in contemporary web design, branding and visual language with an emphasis on innovative technology and design.

Our clients and projects include:
the Israeli pavilion at the 13th Biennale of Architecture in Venice, 2012; the Department of Interior Design at the College of Management; fashion designer Naama Bezalel; movie director Avi Nesher; the Israeli TV station Reshet; and more.

studio ifat yairi   סטודיו יפעת יאירי
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